Sunset Wedding Photography Tips For Amazing Photos

Sunset Wedding Photography Tips For Amazing Photos

Golden hours takes places at two times a day that is at sunrise and sunset. But most often sunset gives more beautiful for wedding and engagement photography. In reality, golden hour is just before the sunset and is the most beautiful moments as it provides ideal light and can cast long shadows and showcase clouds. Let us have a glance at sunset wedding photography tips for amazing photos


1. Expose for the sky

Set your camera correctly before starting the sunset photo shoots. Also, make sure of the texture and detail of the coloring in the sky. Don’t forget to keep the ISO as low as possible to achieve the look. Wide open aperture gives the most latitude with flash.

Sunset Wedding Photography Tips For Amazing Photos

2. Using a tripod

In order to be consistent with shots, keep the ISO low and compose each photo in the way you want. It helps to focus on the couple and helps in adjusting the amount of off-camera flash without re-framing each shot. This equipment is helpful when you don’t have an assistant. Usage of tripod is one of the Sunset wedding photography tips for amazing photos.

3. Opt a light modifier

It is recommended to use the off-camera flash shot with a white umbrella. Using this will place a nice and soft light on the couple and provide an effect with the sunset in the background and this requires little effort when time constrained.

4. Flash power needs to be adjusted

It is easy to adjust flash power when working with the assistant and start with a flash around 1/8 or 1/4. Also, watch the shutter speed and make sure that you are not creeping high to sync with your flash. If the flash is too strong adjust it with required light. Actually, there is no need to adjust shutter speed or aperture as it will change the way the background looks. But as the sun goes down and the background becomes darker, sometimes you may require to slow the shutter speed or open aperture to keep detail in the background.

5. Pose your Couple

Bring the couples once the settings are locked and make them know what you want them to do. When it is dark use LED light or light in your cell phones to light couple to get the camera to focus.

6. Shoot without flash

Depending on the amount of light at the sunset, pose the couple in front of the sunset to create a beautiful effect. It is not required to do the shooting with the off-camera flash. For a beautiful photo, there doesn’t require extra equipment and hands.  Shoot without flash is an another sunset wedding photography tips for amazing photos.

Sunset Wedding Photography Tips – A Plan To Work Out

The plan always gives you confidence and wipes out the pressure of decision making. Most often best shots are unplanned. Let us see the rough plans for the sunset wedding.

1) Arrive early: By arriving early you can take some time to explore.

2) Assess location: Assess the location by looking into the areas like:

• Shady spots at to begin- These places are perfect to start with while the sun is bright.

• Highest point at the location – Make use of those golden light during the final moments of sunset for the photography.

• Impressive spot for sunset – At these spot you can end up the shoot .

3) Shoot for the best light: Follow the sort of pattern shoot to make the best for sunset lighting.

o Shade shooting: Start shooting in the shady spot that you have found as these are the photos that clients love.

o Filtered light shooting: You can include the sun in the photo and you can also filter the light through the trees.

o Silhouette Shooting: Best time to try a silhouette is 10 -20 minutes before the sunset. Silhouettes required to be shoot at a very low angle.

o Sunset Shooting: The light will be golden at the final spot, so make use of this most beautiful soft light. Try to create the variety of photos like landscape, waist-up, and close-ups.

o Dusk Shooting: Even when the sun is set you have the glorious window of 15 minutes to capture gorgeous colors of dusk. Since the sun is not emitting harsh light we can use the other side of the location.

Hope this plan will help you to structure the sunset photo sessions and can get most from the sunlight and manage the time during the shoot. For more information,Please click here:

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