Cost Effective Wedding Tips

Cost Effective Wedding Tips

Ideas For Cost Effective Wedding

In this article, we provide some cost effective wedding tips. Most of the people keep telling that wedding is really costly, a huge amount of budget is needed. But they are not checking about is there any mistake in the wedding planning or is this huge amount is the minimum budget for any wedding. Actually, there is some way to reduce the wedding budget and your wedding will be superb no doubt about that. How can we reduce the wedding cost effectively? Look down

Prefer Apt Wedding Location

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Wedding location must be cute and neat. There will be a huge difference in money in different locations. If you choose a five-star hotel auditorium for your wedding then you can see the money will go like a rocket. Yes, these places are really costly compared to others. Then how we choose cost effective wedding location?
The location for your dream wedding will be near to you, just look around and you can see that spot. That location will be in the backyard of your home or any other auditorium near to you, not in any hotel. You can make this place more beautiful using probes like flowers, lanterns, wedding hall etc. Trust me the cost of these will be less than you are going to pay for a hotel auditorium.

Create A Guest List

You have to order food for each person at your wedding. So make a list people who are ready to attend your wedding. You may assume that there will be 500 people on the wedding day but in reality, there will be just half of it. Because it is not sure that all the people you invite will attend your wedding. So you should think about how many of them will come to your wedding and make an approximate list. The number of guests can increase or decrease the cost of the wedding.


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Some people want their wedding location full of expensive flowers, sculpture, tables, etc. This will lead to a huge expensive wedding. Come on man, all flowers are beautiful you don’t need expensive flowers for decoration all around the corner of your wedding hall. There are many other flowers that are really beautiful and less expensive. Try them. Think twice before you order or act. You can make your wedding location more beautiful in less expensive way. Try those methods. It will reduce the cost of the wedding.

Top Priorities

Never forget to invest some extra money to the top three priorities of you. So decide what is important and the priorities of you. The common priorities of most people are the wedding dress, wedding photography, catering. Some wedding photographers charge is really high but their work may be a low-quality one. So before you hire the wedding photographer you should check their previous works. There are many wedding photographers whose work is of high quality and less charge than others. As you decided the top three priorities you should also decide the things that come to lowest on the priority list. The most common low priority items are the invitation card, flowers, cakes etc. According to these priorities make your budget.

Double Check The List

Before you sign the contract of wedding planning or give advance to the items for the wedding you should double check the items you prefer. Ask yourself about each thing in the list, do you really want this or does it really matter in wedding etc. If not important then just ignore it. Because there is no space for less important items on your wedding day.

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