Wedding Photography Trends

Wedding Photography Trends


Wedding Photography Trends

Marriage is the union of two souls and a lifelong commitment. Find the perfect partner for you because as you grow old you need someone to be with you. This person will be your greatest support and campanian. In India marriage is not just a union of two people, it is the union of two families. Maybe after few years of marriage, you wish to look back those memories. Here comes the importance of wedding photography. From the beginning to now there are a lot of changes in the wedding photography trends. The family and the couples have different views of wedding photography. Today we have different wedding photography trends.

Wedding Photography Trends 2018


Pre-wedding Photoshoot

The pre-wedding photoshoot increased in the last few years. The bride and groom ask the photographer to confirm the pre-wedding photo shoot. The photographs taken will be shared to social media profiles of the couple with wedding date tags.

Candid Photoshoot

Nowadays couple chooses candid photography than traditional photography. In traditional photography people are aware of their picture is being taken. So some may feel little awkward and little stress. This will reflect on their face so the photographers can’t capture the real image of them. In candid photography, people are not forced to face into the camera lens. The pictures will be taken without their knowledge. So we get the real images of the couple and other peoples without any kind of stress or uncomfortableness in their face. They look simply relaxed and beautiful.

Drones Photography

Drones photography will give stunning images and videos of the wedding. Drone with camera is available at different price range and it is affordable. The areal view of the wedding is really amazing. The proper planning and execution of drone camera will give best photographs.

Black And White Photography


The black and white photographs are unique and beautiful. In this the image focus on the moment captured. On your colorful wedding album, these black and white photographs make the album more beautiful. The black and white photography is a trend now. Everyone loves that unique color combination.

Use Of Smoke Bombs

wedding photography trends
Smoke bombs are the best way to keep the wedding more colorful and interesting. The couple loves this new trend. Smoke bombs will help to capture amazing candid photographs.

Best Locations For The Photoshoot

The location plays an important role in photography. For pre-wedding and post wedding shoots choose some exotic locations. The couple also prefers such exotic locations. This adds more beauty to the photographs and videos. Some couple prefers green scenery locations and some choose locations like some cities to get a modern look.

Selfie Photoshoot

Every couple wants their wedding perfect and filled with fun moments. The selfie will help to have many fun moments. The family and friends of both bride and grooms come forward to take the selfie using mobile phones or selfie stick. The photographer can capture these fun moments in another direction. These kinds of images are popular today.

Wedding Hashtags

Wedding hashtags will help to grab the attention of everyone to the wedding photographs and video. Hashtags are popular on social media platforms. So if someone uploads photos or videos with hashtags all the people can see it. Check this facebook page for more details.

Wedding Teaser

The wedding teasers are gaining popularity. Sharing of pre-wedding and post-wedding teasers to social media platforms is increasing. This amazing and creative wedding teaser creates an urge to watch the full wedding video and photographs.

Underwater Photoshoot


The underwater photography of couples looks fun and romantic. With the help of a waterproof camera, the photographer can capture some candid stunning images. The underwater photography trend will never go down.

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